About Leveras

Loyica felt the demand rooting from multiple clients to create a system that will adapt to any financial process or methodology.

Hence, Leveras is born. It is a masterpiece created from years of collected insights and experiences from multiple facets of finance. Leveras is capable of adapting to not just one specific business need, but to any process or methodology.

Our Mission
Our Mission


We aim to provide revolutionary systems and solutions that empower financial clients and their businesses.

Why Choose CRM

We are enthusiastic in finding ways to answer the business needs of our financial clients by building systems to increase their overall stature.

Why Choose CRM
Why Choose Leveras


Every customer is important. Leveras focuses on providing solutions and tools that help your business understand its customers and improve customer relations.

Through Leveras, we help you work on breaking down all the system challenges and problems into manageable components, producing flexible solutions to your each and every business need.

Why Choose Leveras

Our Values

We only care about providing the best financial solutions by sitting with our clients and listening intently to their business needs. In this way, we best understand on how we can transform their ideas into actions.

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Leveras is a family of smart systems that quickly identifies your business needs, accurately narrowing down the options to the right solution with a sharp understanding of your customer’s requirements.

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Leveras is designed to be flexible – a powerhouse of features that is capable of adapting to any business model in any type of company.

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Leveras is the first step towards the efficient automation of all your business process. The successful tech integration of your business cuts down on the time.

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